Architectural Committee Rules Amendment

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2002


Pursuant to the authority contained in Article 7.06 of the Long Hollow Estates Subdivision Declaration of Covenants. Conditions and Restrictions recorded in Document No. 1999129727 of the Real Property Records of Travis County, Texas (herein the CCRs), the undersigned, constituting all of, the members of the Architectural Committee of said subdivision (herein called the "AC"), have and do hereby adopt by unanimous consent the following procedural and/or substantive rules, which rules are deemed necessary and/or proper for the performance of the duties of the AC, to wit:
  1. Maximum Building Height within the subdivision shall be the lesser of (i) the maximum height as determined in accordance with the requirements, definitions and measurements of the City of Jonestown or (ii) twenty eight feet (28') as measured vertically from the highest point of undisturbed natural grade to the highest point of the building or structure, excluding spires, antennas, ventilators, chimneys or other similar appurtenances. Undisturbed natural grade elevations shall be certified by a registered architect, surveyor or engineer.
  2. Structures meeting these height requirements are approved by the AC for height restriction purposes.
These rules were unanimously adopted at a meeting of the AC, are deemed necessary and/or proper for the performance of the duties of the AC, and were determined to be in accordance with the meaning and intent established by the CCRs, or otherwise within the discretionary authority granted to the AC.

DATED as of Feb. 28, 2002.

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