There are many references in the Long Hollow Estates covenants where the approval of the Architectural Committee is required. The Architectural Committee has the right to consider all of the plans and specifications for an improvement or proposal in question and all other facts, which, in its sole discretion, are relevant.

Prior to the commencement of any construction of any improvement on the property or any portion of it, the plans and specifications need to be submitted to the Architectural Committee, and construction should not commence until the Architectural Committee has approved the plans and specifications in writing.

The Architectural Committee will timely review the plans and specifications submitted for its approval and perform other duties assigned to it, including occasional inspection of construction in progress to assure its conformance with plans and specifications approved by the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Committee will be required to take pictures of the road in front of and around the site both before and after the construction of the home. The Architectural Committee shall review plans and specifications submitted for its review and such other information, as it deems proper, including information it may require relating to the question whether any proposed improvement upon a Lot would unreasonably obstruct the view from other portions of the property. If the Architectural Committee is in need of any information or document deemed necessary, it may postpone review of any plans and specifications submitted for approval. The Architectural Committee will communicate directly back to the homeowner with its decision.

Please note that no Improvement shall be allowed upon any lot which would unreasonably obstruct the view from any other portion of the property and no improvement shall be allowed on any lot which is of such size or architectural design or involves the use of such landscaping, color schemes, exterior finishes and materials and similar features as to be incompatible with residential development in the community.

The Architectural Committee shall have the authority to disapprove any proposed improvement based upon the covenant restrictions and the decision of the Architectural Committee shall be final and binding. The Architectural Committee will not be responsible for reviewing any proposed improvement, and its approval of any plans or specifications does not guarantee structural safety, engineering soundness, or conformance with building or other codes, such as Jonestown ordinances.

Getting Started - What's Required

Approval for Improvements - Before any improvements to the lot can be made, the construction plans must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee and Jonestown. (1.01)

Improvements Definition -  Improvement shall mean every structure and all appurtenances thereto of every type and kind.  This includes but is not limited to buildings, outbuildings, storage sheds, patios, tennis courts, swimming pools, garages, storage buildings, fences, screening walls, retaining walls, decks, landscaping, poles, signs, exterior air conditioning, water softener fixtures or equipment, and poles, pumps, wells, tanks, reservoirs, pipes, lines, antennas, towers, and other facilities used in conjunction with water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone, regular or cable television, or other utilities. (1.12)

Plans and Specification - Shall mean any and all documents designed to guide or control the construction or erection of any Improvement.  This includes but is not limited to those indicating location, size, shape, configuration, materials, site plans, excavation and grading plans, foundation plans, drainage plans, landscaping and fencing plans, elevation plans, floor plans, specification of all building products and construction techniques, samples of exterior colors, plans for utility services and all other documentation or information relevant to the improvement. (1.20)

If you are ready to submit your plans or specifications, please email them to
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