HOA Board Meeting Minutes from 4/28/2010

Posted on Monday, May 3, 2010

The following are the minutes and take-aways from the first board meeting after our annual community meeting.
  • Brad makes motion to elect new President. Bill seconds. Voting occurs and Curtis is named new President. Bill is named Vice President.
  • Brad makes motion that Board resolves to also create the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. Bill seconds. Sue is named Treasurer and Tracy is named Secretary.
  • Review action items from last board meeting:
  • By-laws needed to be updated and submitted to community. (Tracy)
  • Long Hollow Estates web site to be created. Covenants, By-laws, link to City of Jonestown, link to submit concerns to HOA will be included. (Curtis)
  • Knox Box to be ordered (Sue)
  • New owner of Gate named – Curtis. New gate codes to be created for 1) homeowners 2) fed ex, mail, utilities 3) construction crews as new construction begins. Reports will be run every month and when 5422 and 1431 code use declines, they will be disabled. This plan needs to be communicated out to community. (Curtis)
  • Call Gate maintenance to understand how to best handle power outages in terms of the gate. Solar? Battery? Costs of each? (Brad)
  • ACC will take before and after pictures of the road near lots about to move into construction (John)
  • Obtain new quote for lawn maintenance and front entry (Bill)
  • Pressure wash front entrance annually (Curtis/John).
  • Keep lights replaced on gate (Tracy)
  • Brad makes motion to re-approve the Architectural Committee. Curtis seconds.
  • Brad makes motion to adjourn. All second the motion?. Meeting adjourns at 9:20pm.

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