Annual Meeting Notice for 2/13/2011

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011

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Greetings fellow Owners.  We hope this letter finds all of you well and looking forward to a healthy and happy 2011.

It’s time for our Long Hollow Estates annual meeting. The date of our next meeting will be Sunday, February 13, 2011.  The meeting will be held at True Grits Restaurant, located on 1431 in Jonestown. A social period with soft drinks and appetizers will begin 1:30 and the meeting will begin at 2:00 and should adjourn no later than 3:30. Please come and get to know your fellow property owners.

We ask that you provide any item you wish to have added to the agenda by email. The email is listed below.  There must be limitations to additions to the agenda but we will try to be as flexible as possible. We will also try to leave 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for discussion of items from the floor.

Please let us know if there are questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Long Hollow Estates HOA Board

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of minutes from Feb 14, 2010 annual meeting (new website)       
  3. Bylaws
    Review the most recent changes to the bylaws.
  4. Maintenance Report
    Status and report on money spent on maintenance and any upcoming work (Fence, Gate, Lawn maintenance, Road)
  5. Architectural Committee
    Provide a brief status update on the last year in review and answer any questions on obtaining approval of plans.
  6. Voting Procedures
    Review the new voting format and procedures, including board member terms.
  7. Treasury Report
    Treasurer to provide current balance sheet and sources and uses statement. Discussion and approval.
  8. Budget
    Distribution and discussion of proposed budget including monthly assessment to the members.
  9. Quarterly Dues
    Still delinquent. Filing liens.
  10. Board Election
    Review of open positions and nominations accepted.
  11. Round Table Discussion
  12. Adjournment

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