Annual Meeting Minutes from 2/2/2012

Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2012

At 2:15pm on February 2nd, 2012, Bill Carr, Long Hollow Estates HOA president, brought the 2012 HOA meeting to order.  In attendance were:

Bill Carr, Sue Anderson, Dave Eberhardt, Biggi Sund, Marsha Eggenberger, Roy Eggenberger, Barbara Danahy, Mike Danahy, James Baldwin, Julia Baldwin, Joseph Xuereb, Greg Behrens, Leonard Liboon, and Kathie Liboon.

Bill noted that Brad Heath sent his apologies for not being able to attend the meeting.  Bill then discussed the major events of 2011.  It was noted that the gate codes were changed.  The general access code is now LAKE.  If anyone has questions about their specific codes please send an inquiry to the HOA via the contact us page on the HOA website: .   
It was also noted that road sealing that was approved in the previous year did not occur due to building activities in 2011.  This will now be scheduled in early summer of 2012.  A notification of the exact timing of the sealing will be sent to the lot/home owners prior to the scheduled date.  

Bill informed the group that there are two new home owners, Lori and Greg Behrens and James & Orietta Alcina.  He also noted that lot #5 was sold to Marlin Coplin.
Bill then discussed the 2012 survey.  It will be sent out shortly following this meeting.  The survey will allow for the voting of the directors of the HOA along with a section for comments.
Bill went on to discuss the existence of the Jonestown Action Committee.  If anyone would like to receive e-mails from this organization, a link can be found on
Bill then gave the floor to Sue Anderson, treasurer, to review the financial reports for 2011.  The balance sheet was reviewed.  It was noted that the current balance in the checking account is ~$53,000.  The expenses for 2011 were ~$8,700, the revenue was ~$15,000, leaving the HOA with a net income of
~$6,300.  There were no questions about the balance sheet.  Sue then proceeded to review the year-over-year P&L.  Sue noted that the 2011 expenses were in line with those of 2010 with the exception of the expense that hit the gate maintenance account.  This expense was incurred by the addition of the battery operated backup that will automatically open the gate in the event of a power outage along with the addition of the knox box to allow emergency access to the police and fire departments.  There were no questions about the year-over-year P&L.  Sue then reviewed the budget for 2012.  She noted that there wasn’t anything unusual about the budget.  She explained that she took the previous year’s expenses and added 3% for inflation.  She also noted that we will be sealing the road along with painting the front fence in 2012.  Finally she noted that the quarterly dues would remain at $100/qtr/lot for 2012.  Opening the floor to questions resulted in two:

1. Biggi Sund brought up a concern about the condition of the front gate planting.  The group discussed the situation and James Baldwin made a motion to add a “Front Gate Improvement Project” to the survey, thus potentially putting it up for vote by the lot/home owners.  The Project guidelines are as follows:
•    Plants must be able to handle extreme drought conditions
•    Plants must not require any additional watering
•    Utilize hardscape (i.e. rocks) in the design
•    Possibly include a sculpture
•    Remove all weeds as part of project
•    Provide for ongoing weed maintenance of the area
•    Does not exceed $4k – if more is required another vote must be taken
Leonard Liboon seconded the motion.  This project will be added to the survey, thus it will be taken to vote by the lot/home owners.

2. Greg Behrens asked how the quarterly dues are billed.  Sue explained that Susan Friedrich manages the billing and that there is an effort to go electronic billing (i.e. bills sent via e-mail). Bill then noted that the dues are billed in the rears, so dues are due upon receipt.
There were no further questions, Sue then returned the control of the meeting to Bill.

Bill then thanked to Dave Eberhardt for repairing the gate when it was damaged last summer.  He also thanked Patty Rosado for beautifying the gate with the holiday lights along with a wreath.

Bill then moved on to discuss the board.  He indicated that both Brad and he will not be running for the board.  The following persons have come forward to be included in the survey for voting:
•    Sue Anderson
•    Greg Behrens
•    Birgit Sund
•    Julia Baldwin
If anyone would like to be considered for the board of directors please use the Other field in the election portion of the survey.

Plus, if anyone wants to learn more about the roles and the process please refer to the HOA website:  Article V in the bylaws page at

There were no further questions or comments.  The meeting adjourned at 2:50pm.

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