Annual Meeting Minutes from 2/10/2013

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013

Attendance: Greg Behrens, Mike Danny, James and Julia Baldwin, Birgit Sund,  Brenda and Bill Carr, Roy Eggenberger,  Kaily and Gerard, Sue Anderson, Brad Heath, John Bunnell, Louann McLaughlin, Jim Alcina,  Joe Xeuerb,  Renwin and Isabella Yee
Meeting Minutes

1.    Call to order 2:15 pm
2.    Approval of minutes from 2012. Motion to accept and approve was made by Sue and Brad , 2nd  and minutes were approved.
3.    By laws (no changes).
4.    Maintenance Report.
Greg provided an update on the gate incident (please see report of emails detailing from long hollow residents).  As indicated on the last page of the report , the gate code log helped to identify who might be responsible for the damage.   A landscaper hired by a long hollow home owner took responsibility. An insurance  appraiser  came out and a quote for repair is 5k .  Insurance will deal with trucking company. The gate and metal work will take approximately 3 weeks to repair.  It is unknown if the steel post has been damaged. Greg asked if residents are interested in repairing the gate or not.  The consensus is yes to have the gate repaired.  It was reported the loops in the pavement prevent the gate from closing. Other suggestions regarding the gate include painting a line in the road  or a sign informing guests about the exit gate.  A recommendation to delete old gate codes #1431  and # 5432, fix the clock to match up with actual time, make the gate stay open longer, continue to manage gate codes, put up a sign to notify routine delivery trucks such as Fed Ex, UPS of changes to the  standard codes including a phone number of who to call.  Other issues relating to the gate, the other gate is in need of repair and $300 was approved to take care of improvements. A few residents indicated they did not have a gate remote. Greg provided information about entry lights and fence painting which was done 5-6 years ago.  All fencing will be painted once gates are repaired.
Lawn maintenance provided by Geoscapes, Inc.  , Thomas Money (512 )259-1157 company provided services July, August , September and beginning in October provided services at an accelerated pace. Long Hollow Estates may need to find another company.  There was discussion about contracting for services every 4 weeks instead of every 6 weeks.  Since irrigation is an issue with any plants in the front entrance perhaps a rock feature is the best alternative.  Joe expressed an interest in helping with the committee. Budget for maintenance is $7200
Discussion about fill-in and stamp the cul-de-sac circle at a cost of 15 k was determined to be too costly.
Road work needs to be done this summer June/ July to repair cracks and provide a sealing coat. Discussion turned to making sure the company seals the cracks manually and treat between the concrete and road with Roundup if necessary.  The company hired for the work needs to apply the sealing product evenly.  John, Brad, Bill and Jim volunteered to oversee and make sure the work is done properly.
5)    Architectural Committee
Joe said they are putting in a new pool and suggestion was made to check with Jonestown about water restrictions.
6)    Treasury Report  SueAnderson entered report  with a balance  of $55,006 with available funds of
$59,244. 14.4K is being budgeted for the road and an increase for lawn maintenance. Up to $7200.00 will cover both maintenance as well as landscaping upgrades to the front entrance.
7)    Budget quarterly dues will remain $100 per quarter per lot with a possible increase to $115 in 3 years.  There is not a problem with delinquent quarterly dues.
9)    Board election - all current members will serve another year.
10)    Round Table Discussion
a)    Emergency Contact List-an updated contact list was provided to homeowners attending the meeting for review and members were encouraged to make any changes or corrections (especially for LHE homeowners).
b)    Discussion about whether a KnoxBox of each residence's home key would be a good idea in the case of an emergency.  It was decided by the owners not to follow up with a Knox Box.
c} Fire Protection-discussion regarding whether to buy fire hoses, clear brush and have a Fire Department inspection.  Fire hydrants are checked every six months and LHE needs to make sure they have a gate code for the neighborhood.  After discussion, no action was needed at this time.
d) The owners decided to put up two no trespassing signs in the front entrance area which will allow for prosecution if necessary. Video camera discussion followed, no action taken.
Adjournment: 3:15 pm

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